Etiquette & FAQ

Gift handling directions:

My goal entering any date is for BOTH of us to experience as much enjoyment and pleasure as possible. If you adhere to the simple steps below, our chances of having an unforgettable experience are almost an absolute certainty.

I do not like to discuss the gift. Please place the gift in an envelope (preferably labeled gift), and place in clear view at the beginning of our date. This way, we get the monetary considerations out of the way without discussing it, and we can instantly start getting to know each other much better and ..... let the fun and games begin!

1) The more comfortable and relaxed I am around you, the better the session. I like to establish a connection that goes far beyond the physical and reaches into the deep subconscious pleasure zones of the brain. To that end, I cherish a close connection with you, both mentally and physically.

2) The same goes for hygiene. I practice impeccable hygiene and expect the same of you.

3) Discussion of services: I do not like to talk about services until we begin interacting with each other. In other words, do not discuss services at the onset of our encounter. Doing so will make me most uncomfortable. Remember Rule #1, the more comfortable and relaxed I am, the more fun we are both going to have.... and I really, really like having fun.

If these 3 steps are followed, you will no doubt be treated to a once in a lifetime experience:)


1) Are you available for same day appointments?


A) Short notice or same day requests are usually reserved for my returning friends. If you are a new friend, please give me as much notice as possible. Do not contact me to ask if I can “meet in an hour or two”, and please do not email your phone number asking for me to call.

2.) Will you send additional pictures?

A) I clearly understand your desire to confirm that I am the lady in the pictures, and I've provided a candid photo album  to give you a taste of what I look like without photo editing (there is a $10 fee to access this area). If you still want to see more, you may take a look at my photos on twitter by clicking the twitter symbol at the very top of this page.

3.) Are your rates negotiable?

A.) No. Please do not reach out to me with requests that I lower my rate to see you, if you find that my rates exceed your budget. I will not respond to any such email, and will forward it immediately to my spam folder.

4.) May I use you as a reference? 

A.) Yes! Due to a high volume of reference requests received on a daily basis, I do require a $10 fee for my time spent on responding to these requests. This fee can be made by you, or the companion seeking the request.

5.) May I have access to your private photos area?

A.) My candid photos are located in a private area that is accessible by invite only. If you'd like to bypass this option, there is a $10 fee for entry.

6.) Do you offer duos?

A.) Yes! Please inquire by email if you'd like to request a duo date, or if you have questions.